Oncology Massage




 Oncology Massage

As a licensed massage therapist specializing in Oncology Massage Therapy, I have been working with clients with cancer histories, and those in treatment. With each client I create a personalized Care/Treatment Plan to address and help improve the clients signs, symptoms, and coping abilities involving depression, anxiety, stress or pain. Oncology massage therapy is a lovely complement to make side effects easier to tolerate and the techniques can be used with anyone at any stage in their cancer experience. These sessions provide a variety of positive effects from relaxation, to pain reduction.

Benefits of Oncology Massage

 Anecdotal evidence suggests that there are many benefits that are enjoyed by people at all stages of cancer experience. Clients tell us that it helps with various symptoms.


Deep relaxation * reduced stress * improved sleep * eased constipation * increased alertness and mental clarity * reduced anxiety * less nausea * reduced pain

Following Surgery

Reduced anxiety in advance of surgery * easier recovery from anesthesia * reduced post-surgical pain * improved mobility and appearance of surgical scars * reduced swelling * improved range of motion * easier adaptation to implants and expanders.

Following Radiation or Chemotherapy

Reduced anxiety in advance of and during treatment * reduced post-treatment fatigue * improved appetite* improved peripheral neuropathy.


Decreased anxiety * decreased depression * increased feelings of well-being * being pleasantly distracted * improved body self-image * restored hope * satisfaction in participating actively in a part of the healing process.

As an oncology massage practitioner, trained to meet people where they are in their experience with cancer, each session is individualized to support and nurture. The treatments are modified according to each persons needs, making adjustments for various type of pressure and positioning as well as possible side effects from medication such as nausea or other symptoms. My goal is to bring care, compassion and expertise to each session.